Tuesday, November 15, 2011

FB LikeBuzzed Viral Fan Page Script – Iframe Version

FB LikeBuzzed Viral Fan Page Script – Iframe Version

FB LikeBuzzed is a brand new, unique, cutting edge viral script for facebook. This is not a rehash of someones else PLR script.
What does it do?
FB LikeBuzzed makes it simple for you to get more likes for your fan page by using Facebook Sharing, Invites, Hidden Content, Product Downloads, and Opt-in Integration – all from ONE easy to install script.
Sounds pretty comprehensive, is it easy to set up?
FB LikeBuzzed is very simple to set-up and customize. I have created a full and detailed installation guide as well as access to my personal support system.
Why do I need it?
Facebook has 500 million members. If you can reach even the tiniest fraction of that number, imagine what it could do for your business. FB LikeBuzzed makes every aspect of Facebooks viral nature accessible in a few clicks from 1 viral hub.

How it works
1. A user visits your fan page.
2. You offer them a free gift or enticement to click Like
3. They click Like and the script kicks in, popping up a viral hub with Product Download, Custom Links, CPA Link, Share Button, Invite Code & Autoresponder Opt-in Box. The massive viral nature of facebook is all accessible from 1 single box which they can toggle on and off.
4. Your new fans love your free gift and so sign up to your opt-in list, share your page, invite friends and click on your CPA offer. Congratulations, your page has been FB LikeBuzzed.
Unbelievable Feature List
Brandable Unique Fan Page Viral Script with 7 different color schemes.
Innovative and new Facebook Viral Features all in 1 location.
Users only get access to your content when they click like
Once they click like ALL viral features are 1 click away in a central hub.
Facebook Share feature.
Facebook Invite feature.
Built in Opt-in form with code for Aweber, GetResponse and Mail Chimp*
Show/Hide viral features.
Buttons to link to external content, CPA offer or product download.
Custom header text.
2 different types of fan page: a video fan page and a product showcase fan page.
Sidebar graphics with 7 different color schemes.
This is a completely unique take on the Facebook viral concept. FB LikeBuzzed is different and it works. Once you plug this into your Fan Page your user base is going to explode. Your page will go viral, your opt-in list will go through the roof and your exposure will go up at an exponential rate. How valuable do you think that will be to your business.
If you are serious about making money with Facebook you cannot afford NOT to have this product.


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