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BlogJet + Crack

BlogJet allows you to post your blogs directly from your desktop.

Desktop blogging application that greatly simplifies posting to your WordPress, TypePad, Blogger, Drupal, etc. blogs. Free Download.

What makes using BlogJet a lot more comfortable than posting with browser or other blog clients?

WYSIWYG Editor Updated!

Format your posts just like in ordinary word processors like Microsoft Word. No need to learn HTML.


Insert pictures from your computer or camera, resize them or create thumbnails — BlogJet will take care of uploading them to your blog or FTP server.

Flickr and YouTube Support

Your photos on Flickr and videos on YouTube will complement your blog – and now it’s easy to insert them to your posts, as BlogJet supports these services natively.

Spell Checker Updated!

Your mistakes won’t go unnoticed thanks to the new spell checker, which supports many languages.

Auto Replace

If you are tired of writing the same thing over and over again, create an Auto Replace rule for it. For example, when you type Scoble, BlogJet can replace it with a link to Robert’s blog.

Full Unicode Support New!

BlogJet now has full Unicode support, so you can write blog posts in any language (including Korean, Japanese, Chinese), and even mix languages.

Post Management and Searching

BlogJet caches your posts, so you can access them in a blink of an eye (even with no connection). Finding posts is now easier because of the instant search, which shows results as you type.

Word Counter and Blog Statistics

BlogJet now has a live word counter. And with Statistics feature you can find out a lot of interesting information about your blog: how many posts it has, average post length, and number of posts published by days of week.


If you are on the road and there is no Internet connection, or if you want to finish your post later, save it as draft. Then you can get back to finishing and publishing it.

Blog Autodiscovery

RSD. This R-word means that you will be able to work with your blog in less than a minute after installing BlogJet, because it will literally configure itself: you only have to enter your blog’s address.

Integration with Feed Readers

BlogJet integrates with FeedDemon, RSS Bandit, NewsGator and others for you to be able to blog about something in just a few clicks.

File Attachments

Sharing documents and files with your readers is easy — just attach them to your posts.

Supports All Leading Blog Services

WordPress, TypePad, Movable Type, Blogger, MSN Live Spaces, Blogware, BlogHarbor, Squarespace, Drupal, Community Server, and other blog engines supporting MetaWeblog API, Blogger API, or Movable Type API.

Pages New!

BlogJet now allows you to create and edit pages on WordPress, Movable Type, and TypePad blogs.

20 High-Quality Smileys

It’s not cool to use text smileys anymore :-) That’s why BlogJet can automatically replace them with funny graphics.

Right Typography

BlogJet cares about typography: it automatically replaces quotes and dashes with proper ones as you type.

Group Posting

If you have several blogs, BlogJet can publish the same post into each one of them, even if they are on different blog services.

Modern Interface Updated!

As usual, we care about the interface. The easy-to-use graphical user interface in BlogJet looks native on Vista and Windows 7.

Categories and Tags New!

When editing your posts, you can select categories and add tags. The new version also allows you to create categories right from BlogJet on supported platforms.

Download - Size 8.3 Mb


Mirror 2

Mirror 3

Saturday, June 25, 2011

Blogger Adsense Guide: A Newbie's Guide to Blogging for Adsense Cash

English | 212 pages | PDF | 54 MB

The Ultimate Guide to raking in massive Google Adsense cash with Blogger (Blogspot) blogs.Designed for newbies who need a shortcut. Even if you have no blogging experience and don't know what Google Adsense is, you can still make money!

You'll Discover:

* The Future Of Blogs & Why You Need To Act Now - You're going to discover where the future of blogs is headed, why you need to act now and how you are actually doing yourself a big favor even if you throw up a ugly blog!
* Setup Like A Breezy Afternoon - I realize that you don't want to learn complicated software, site programming or any of that other confusing stuff so you don't have to! You can get setup in a breezy afternoon while relaxing!
* Adsense - What Is it? - Here you will learn just what Adsense is and why it's absolutely essential in your plan to profit. You'll learn why it's so easy to make money with and how you can profit with it.
* How To Entice The Click - You're going to learn how you can entice every person who ends up on your new blog to click links all over your blog earning you income. You'll learn secrets to inviting the click that work like wildfire!
* Easy Blog Writing - Here you will learn how you can easily write blog content that your visitors love and generates repeat traffic which, in turn, results in repeat clicks and more income for you!
* Free Services To Use! - You'll learn how you can get setup free. When I say free, I mean absolutely, 100% free!
* The Ultimate Upgrade - In this advanced section you will learn how you can take your blog that you have built up to a profit and give it the major overhaul it needs to generate even more money faster!


ProBlogger’s Guide to Blogging for Your Business

A blog is part of your business plan… but where do you start? With ProBlogger’s Guide to Blogging for Your Business. As a business owner you don’t have the time to take the trial and error approach, you need help from someone who’s done it all before and can show you how to build a successful blog for your business, right from the start. In this 143 page eBook, business owner, activist, and blogging coach Mark Hayward guides you through creating a successful online presence for your business. Take the Guesswork out of Blogging ProBlogger’s Guide to Blogging for Your Business takes the guesswork out of business blogging and it’s perfect for you if you are: 
time-poor: you don’t have time for guesswork and dead-ends
action-oriented: you want to do, not read
focused: you understand that building a business blog will take time
astute: you’re not looking for get-rich-quick gimmicks
human: you don’t want to feel overwhelmed of frustrated
determined: you need to succeed
Step-by-Step Advice to Save Hours of Time and Endless Frustration


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Kompozer 4 newbies

Kompozer 4 newbies

How To Create Your First Professional Looking Website In Just A Couple Of Hours From Now With This Free & Easy To Use Software Program

The Kompozer 4 Newbies Video Series that includes: 

Video1: You will find out where to download this free software and install it onto your computer
Video 2: Learn how to prepare your webpage ready to display your content in a neat and easy to follow format.
Video 3: You will learn how to add text and pictures to your page as well as how to format and position them.
Video 4: Learn how to quickly produce multiple webpages and link them together using hyperlinks.
Video 5: You learn how to add video, it's quick, easy and adds real value to your website.
Video 6 - CSS part I: This is the first of three videos which introduce you to CSS deal with Elements of Type. Here you'll learn how to format regular text, including that important H1 tag that the search engines pay so much attention to.
Video 7 - CSS part II: Elements of Class - Using what you learned in video 6 you will be shown how to define your own formatting so as to give your sites that unified look.
Video 8 - CSS part III: Custom Styles – You go just a little deeper into the CSS and you'll see how to add rollover effects to your hyperlinks so as to make you navigation more obvious and attractive.

Video 9 - Going Live: Once you have completed your website all that remains is to get it to your web host for the world to see. This is done with free and easy to use 'FTP' software as you'll see here. Click on the image now to get started!


Saturday, June 18, 2011

WSO - WP Viral Multiplier - Stop buying wordpress viral plugins, this 1 does it

WSO - WP Viral Multiplier - Stop buying wordpress viral plugins, this 1 does it 

Attention Offline Marketers, Online Marketers & Product Creators...

"Finally Turn Your Blogs & Sales Letters Into A Viral Machine In 2 Minutes or Less With This Viral Share Strip That All The BIG DOGS Are Using...

This Non-Intrusive,Flexible Wordpress Plugin Will Allow All Pages & Posts Of Your Site To Be Shared!"

"And The Best Part Is, This Plugin Is So Simple To Install & Configure That You Should Be Up And Running In No Time On A Fresh Wordpress


Watch As I Configure This Plugin In Just 10 Clicks!

* Use This On Product Launch Pages

* Use This On Blogs!

* Use This On Sales Letter Pages

* Usage Is Almost Endless...

You Need A Simple & Flexible Solution That You Can Pop Up Quickly And Start Seeing Viral Results!

Now Also Think About Only Allowing The Viral Sources That You Know Work To Visitors To Share Your Content On!

Theme Plugin Install & Setup Takes Longer Than Any Aspect Of My Wordpress Site Creation & Install...Until NOW!

It's Time To Save More Time...

Introducing The Viral Multiplier Plugin!
Show Viral Multiplier On Top...


On Bottom...

Let's Take A Closer Look At The Plugin Options...

Here Are Some Plugin Features

* Pick Top Or Bottom Page Display
* Change the Background Image To Solid Color Or Gradient
* Change "Share This Page" Text
* Select Text Color For Share Text
* Select Color For Bottom Of The Share Strip
* Select Which Viral Sites You Want To Show Share Icons For




Instant Facebook Store Builder - Turn Your Facebook Page into an Amazon or Ebay - direct download!

How to Turn your Facebook Page Into a Money Making Amazon/Ebay Store

in less than 5 Minutes!

No Technical knowledge Required

No Installation

No Uploading

No PHP Script Settings

Just copy and paste the HTML Code we provide and Your Facebook Page will be turned into an Online Store.

Screen-shots of Sample Stores build in our Facebook Pages

Amazon Store Selling 'Forex Trading Books and DVDs'




Youtube Videos Earn $600-$800 A Month. 10-15 Minutes To Create - No Re-hashed SHIT!!!

I know a lot of people out there are cynical about making money using
YouTube. But I make a majority of my income from YouTube, and I’m going
to show you how.
I’m going to show you how to capture the attention of internet browsers
who are looking to buy high end products, and then make cash off their
purchases using an affiliate program.

The method outlined in this book will show you how to use YouTube as a
tool to make a hefty income off the Amazon affiliate program.

I actually use this method, along with other methods for making money
with YouTube and Amazon, and I know that a lot of the ebooks out there
about YouTube MUST be written by people who don’t make money on the
site, because they seem to be clueless about the fact that a million
YouTube hits can easily amount to $0 in sales.

You can’t just throw up a viral video and expect to make money off of it,
no matter how many hits it gets.
The fact is, unfortunately, 
most YouTube users are not looking to buy 

anything, and a good majority couldn’t even buy something if they wanted
to, because they’re broke teenagers.
So I’m going to outline some ways for you to make cash on YouTube by
targeting people who are looking to spend money
and of those, only the ones who are looking to spend money on high end
products. I’m going to show you how to get them to click on your video,
and more importantly...
click on your affiliate links.
And I’m going to show you how to make these videos FAST and with EASE,
without ever stepping in front of a camera -- using a website that requires
a $4 a month membership. You'll be happy to shell out $4 a month
when you see what this method can do for you.

I'm going to show you how to use these videos
you're creating to make 
4-8% commissions on
products ranging from 

One of my videos makes me over $1,000 a month!
Unfortunately, that's not typical. I have a few that earn
$500-$800 a month, and most earn between $150-$300
a month. Seriously. The only reason I'm willing to share
this method at all is that I know that YouTube is HUGE
and can handle other people using the same method. If it
wasn't as big as it is, I wouldn't be able to risk it.



WSO - $1,134,229…[1 MILLION DOLLARS] from Adsense & Counting… [Very Newbie Friendly]

WSO - $1,134,229…[1 MILLION DOLLARS] from Adsense & Counting… [Very Newbie Friendly]


Artisteer. Multilingual Joomla, WordPress, Drupal, DotNetNuke, Blogger

Artisteer. Multilingual 
Joomla, WordPress, Drupal, DotNetNuke, Blogger

With Artisteer YOU immediately become a Web design expert, editing and slicing graphics, coding XHTML and CSS, and creating Web Design Templates, Joomla templates, Drupal themes, Wordpress themes, DotNetNuke skins, and Blogger templates all in minutes, without Photoshop or Dreamweaver, and no technical skills.

Artisteer is the first and only Web design automation product that instantly creates fantastic looking, unique website templates and blog themes.

Design awesome blogs and cool web templates in minutes
Export to Blogger, Joomla, Wordpress and other CMS products
No need to learn Photoshop, CSS, HTML or other technologies

Fun and easy to use!

How to install :

01. Uninstall any previous release of Artisteer.

02. Clean the registry: "[HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Software\Extensoft\", and delete a "Extensoft" key (whole "folder").

03. Run "ViewVID.vbs" to see the hard disk ID (must be: 8CC54BFB, if not this, use "ChVID.exe" to change).

04. Copy "ChVID.exe" to "C:\" (eg: "C:\ChVID.exe").

05. Run the console (CMD) as administrator.

06. Go to "C:\".

07. In the console type "ChVID c: 8CC5-4BFB" <enter> (without the quotes).

08. click "Ok" to all, until a message confirms the ID change.

09. Close the console and restart the computer.

10. Once the computer is booted again, use "ViewVID.vbs" to verify that your new ID is: 8CC54BFB.

11. Install "Artisteer." and follow the instructions.

12. Finish the installation, do not run the program (Uncheck the "Run the program) and click "Finish".

13. With FireWall select "...\Artisteer 3\bin\Artisteer.exe" and lock it so it can not access the internet (this step is essential)

14. Now, run the file "Artists 3 lic.reg" and accept the warning window.

15. Ready, you can use Artisteer 3 and save templates modified!.

If you can't change HD serial number go to:

Link download Update
Artisteer Beta Multilingual

Professional Mobile Web Development with WordPress, Joomla! and Drupal

Product Description

How to develop powerful mobile Web sites using popular content management systems (CMS)Mobile is the hottest thing going—and developing content for mobile devices and browsers is even hotter than that. This book is your guide to it all—how to design, build, and deploy sites, blogs and services that will work brilliantly for mobile users. You’ll learn about the state-of-the-art of mobile web development, the tools available to use, and the best practices for creating compelling mobile user interfaces. Then, using the most popular content management systems, WordPress, Joomla!, and Drupal, you’ll learn how to building world-class mobile web sites from existing platforms and content.. The book walks you through each platform, including how to use third-party plug-ins and themes, explains the strategies for writing your own logic, how to switch between mobile and desktop, and much more.
  • Provides a technical review of the mobile landscape and acquaints you with a range of mobile devices and networks
  • Covers topics common to all platforms, including site topologies, switching between mobile and desktop, common user interface patterns, and more
  • Walks you through each content management platform—WordPress, Joomla!, and Drupal—first focusing on standard plug-ins and themes and then exploring advanced techniques for writing your own themes or logic
  • Explains the best practices for testing, deploying, and integrating a mobile web site
  • Also explores analytics, m-commerce, and Search Engine Optimization techniques for mobile

Get ahead of the the mobile web development curve with this professional and in-depth reference guide!

From the Back CoverLearn to implement sites with the major content management platformsThe popularity of the mobile web is seemingly unstoppable, making the demand and expectations for sleek, smooth, and sophisticated web sites extraordinarily high. Unique to the shelf, this book describes how you can develop mobile content and then install, configure, test, and integrate mobile web sites using the most popular content management systems (CMS) in order to provide an engaging and enjoyable experience to users on the move. Placing a special emphasis on three particular platforms—WordPress, Joomla!, and Drupal—author James Pearce explains how to design and mobilize sites in conjunction with each CMS and walks you through the installation and configuration of the plugins, modules, and themes that will get you started, fast.Professional Mobile Web Development:
  • Features a brief history of the mobile web and explains what makes it unique
  • Provides a technical review of the mobile landscape and familiarizes you with mobile devices, networks, and their challenges
  • Looks at how the mobile web is evolving and how best to design for it
  • Reviews choices and decisions that should be made prior to working on CMS mobilization
  • Describes the processes involved in testing, deploying, and integrating a mobile web site, regardless of platform
  • Discusses mobile analytics, advertising, and other operational topics
  • Programmer Forums
  • Sales page
  • Code:

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ScriptMafia Nulled Blog: Auto Content Cash

ScriptMafia Nulled Blog: Auto Content Cash: "If you’re not making $300 an hour right now with your internet marketing business, then this will be the most important letter you read all..."

Auto Content Cash

If you’re not making $300 an hour right now with your internet marketing business, then this will be the most important letter you read all year.

Not pay per click or any other form of advertising
Not traditional affiliate marketing
Not blackhat manipulation
Not long haul SEO that requires writing and takes ages to work
And the best part may be that you can very realistically make the system start earning for you quickly and effortlessly even:

Without any experience at all
If you can’t or don’t want to write English
If you have poor tech skills and don’t want to improve them
If you’re crushed for time and can only put in an hour a week
If you’re lazy and unmotivated
If you’ve tried just about everything out there and failed again and again

Scrapebox-1.14.16 (Full) [3.9GB]

Do you need More Money, More Time, More Links, More Data

Scrapebox-1.14.16 (Full) [3.9GB]
The Complete Harvesting Solution!

Multiple, Rotating Proxies!

No more being blocked, for too many automated queries or IP bans!

Multiple, Rotating Proxies!

URL Collection, List Management! -_- Ping Mode, Send Referrers and Hits! -_- Auto Comment to Wordpress, Movable Type and BlogEngine! -_- Built in Proxy Verifier! -_- Powerful RSS Submissions! -_- Mass Trackback Poster

General Notes

This release works by running scrapebox in a VM with a ripped license.
The license is dead because BHN didn't realise that scrapebox is a clever piece of kit - it
will detect a fake server and use the auxiliary backup. They all used a live license until 
they got banned. They still can't get 1.14.16 to work, but you can :), follow the 
instructions below. If for some intense reason you prefer an older version, I included it 
too. All the bragging about how l33t they are cause they managed to license a VM has been
left in for its comedy value. Visit to their forums is a serious mental prolapse risk.



1. Unrar
2. Edit your Ethernet Card or Wireless Adapter and manually set a static IP address.
3. After you manually set your IP address under TCP/IP V4, click the advanced button, 
   under IP addresses, click the Add... button and add following IP Addresses: Subnet Mask: Subnet Mask:
4. Go into server dir and double-click, it should display an empty black window.
5. Run VM image, when asked whether it was copied or moved, select moved.
6. Run scrapebox, do not close the server window.

High Page Rank Backlinks Video youtube

Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Xrumer-Pack 1.00 Installation Worked & Full Pack Link Lists (Total 630MB unzipped)-[177MB on Host Files]

Xrumer-Pack 1.00 Installation Worked  & Full Pack Link Lists (Total 630MB unzipped)-[177MB on Host Files]

Xrumer-Pack v.1.00 (Xrumer v.3.0, 4.0, 5.0 nulled) + Denwer3 + BHN VIP link lists + BHN asssorted lists 
+ 43 autoapproveblogs + 51351 profiles + Multi LinksList id + big categories list + RapidIndexer.txt .....

630MB unzipped and 177MB rar Files on hosting 

XRumer - the program in automatic mode, where your announcement on the forums, guest books, bulletin announcements, and link directories (as well as blogs and wiki). One word - autosubmitter.

Version: 3, 4, 5 Build 1.00
Developer: Botmaster
Bit depth: 32bit +64 bit
Compatibility with Vista: complete

I'm sorry for not able to respond immediately
XRumer is more difficult to hack it but we managed to do, and it works well
but it is not easy
this XRumer 1.0.0 running at 100%, and there is no virus Antivirus detects only about some hack like viruses
I'll try to post a full tutorial to help intallation
this vertion of XRumer still works on my PC
One that preceded it in my post earlier was used in 2010
Please also look in youtube tutorials until I post mine, or someone will.
thank you
I wish you every succees.
Compatible with Windows 7: complete
Language: English Russian
Tablet: Is present
System requirements:
Cpu 800Mhz
Ram 512Mb
HDD 210Mb
Fixed Denwer3 (is complete).
Size: 126 Mb

Here are the key specifications and features:
# Ability to work in a multithreaded
# The program is able when necessary to register online (if it is necessary to create a new message) and fill with all the required fields. After registration, the program automatically generates login to the site and places your text and / or link
# Powerful built-in search engine and check proxies. This ensures your anonymity and eliminates the ban on the forums on IP. Possible use as a HTTP-and SOCKS-proxy.
# The program can work with a lot of different types of forums and guestbooks: phpBB and PHP-Nuke any modifications, yaBB, VBulletin, Invision Power Board, IconBoard, UltimateBB, exBB,, wiki,, AkoBook, various kinds of boards advertisements as well as "samopisnymi" engines
# WARNING: the exclusive opportunity - the program bypasses any kind of protection from automatic registration and autosubmit! Such as:
- Protection by piktokoda (tickets) type "Enter the number you see." More ...
- Protection by means of activation by e-mail. More ...
- Protection by means of some Java-scripts. More ...
- Version 4.0 also introduced the possibility of detection of protection in the form of arithmetic and logical questions
# In the process of mailing automatically generates a detailed report with exact links to the posted announcements and you can check for each link.
# Integrated System "FAQ"
# There are variations of the system, which can be used to make sure that from 10000 placed announcements there was no similar, but the meaning remained the same. This helps to make a significant scatter on the key demands (SEO) and exclude filtering search engines the same options
# If the administrator has several sections, the program selects the most appropriate topic, but if this is not - then in the offtopic, flame, etc., if there are none then the most visited section.
# There is a possibility to use and edit the BB-Code
# Includes tools for processing database index: removing repeated links, sorted by descending order of attendance, the removal of black-list, various filters
# The program will inform about new versions
# It is possible to use plug-ins (plugins). At this point, the set includes plug-ins AutoDating (Mamba + Loveplanet) and SocPlugin (Odnoklassniki + VKontakte)
# Integrated scheduling system, the system self-learning, post-editing, Mass-PM, and much, much more
# The unique system of "Spam" allows you to produce thematic "humane" list on forums, in accordance with their subjects

The system is fully autonomous and requires minimal skills: simply select the appropriate database links (angoloyazychnuyu or Russian), type text messages with a reference or references and all.


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