Friday, September 2, 2011

IP Gallery v3.2.2 - For Your IP Board

IP Gallery v3.2.2 - For Your IP Board 

IP Gallery is an integrated gallery addon for your IP Board community. IP Gallery makes it easy for your members to share and find photos and media that's of interest to your community. It's an addon for IP Board, so it's fully integrated into the environment your members are used to. 

What's New In IP Gallery

Image notes, Improved slideshow, Friends-only albums, Full "Friendly URL" support, Category & Album covers, Unlimited sub-albums, New "Profile Picture" album,See the announcement.
Community categories, personal albums

Members can create their own albums in which to store their photos which, in turn, belong to admin-defined categories. Albums are a great way of organizing photos of a particular date, place or event, and they can be public, or viewable only by the owners friends. With IP.Gallery, photos in your community are neatly organized and easy to find.

Fancy slideshows UPDATED

Sit back and enjoy an automatic slideshow presentation of categories or albums from your community. Images will smoothly transition themselves, or you can pause the slideshow and jump to a particular image.

Explain more with annotations NEW

Pick out important people or objects in images by using the new Image Notes feature of IP Gallery. Simply drag a box around the item, type a description, and save. Now viewers can get additional information to enhance the context of photos in your community!

Full permission control

As you would expect from an IPS application, there's extensive controls over who can do what. Give different usergroups bandwidth allowances towards viewing images, set maximum sizes for image uploads or create categories especially for certain usergroups, perhaps tied to a IP Subscriptions subscription level. IP.Gallery can be configured to your particular needs.
Protect community images..


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