Friday, September 30, 2011

Craigslist Advertising Revealed

Craigslist Advertising Revealed

Each year millions of people place ads in local or regional papers, hoping to get the best response possible. 
Here’s a fact:
Print ads don’t work. Sure, you may get a few phone calls, but they won’t get you what you really need – paying customers. 
The worst part? They are costly. Often times, you can spend more money paying for an ad sometimes than you can make selling your product or service. Who wants to do that? 
Not me! So I am going to teach you how to get to the top of the “List” and not only make money, but SAVE money.

Whether you are: 

Selling a one-time product.

A small business owner looking to increase traffic and sales revenues.

An entrepreneur looking for an inexpensive way to save money advertising effectively.

A corporation looking to post job offerings.

A jobseeker looking for a great place to post their resume.

A realtor looking to post home listings inexpensively and expose them to millions of people quickly and efficiently…

Your time has come! The secret to your success is just a two-minute download away… BUT WAIT!
There’s MORE!

Nulled Youtube Comment Poster 2 ( USD$119 )

Nulled Youtube Comment Poster 2 

( USD$119 )

Why Manual Submissions Suck? To become successful webmaster and increase sales, you need to play hard. Really hard. You need to promote products 24 hours per day, 7 days per week. Otherwise you will fail...

So you have 2 ways. You can spend whole day promoting products on the Internet and repeat it every day, even on holidays. But do you really want to waste at least 8 hours every day? Can you afford to spend so much time? Howerer, there is another way - hiring people to work for you. But it costs. A lot! So what you can do?

OK, there is one more way... It's YouTube Comments Poster - effective, fast and powerful social marketing software to save your time and money!

First of all, you should know YouTube Comments Poster is not just another backlinks builder. You can use this tool building backlinks, but this software was designed to help promoting product in different way. YouTube Comments Poster will increase your sales. Let's take a closer look!

Social media sites attract millions of visitors every day, and it's the best place where your products and services can be seen by targeted audience. Even if conversion ratio is 1% in worst case (it means 1 out 100 people will order service offered), just try to imagine how many sales you will make every day. Social media sites attract millions of people! Millions!

However, it's impossible to attract new customers without automatic marketing software. Why? There are millions of users on social media sites, so it's just impossible to introduce your services to everyone. If you will post several messages per day, no one will see you... The only way to survive - play big!

Using automatic social media marketing software, not only you can promote different products and services at the same time, you can do it 24 hours per day, 7 days per week. Even when you sleep! This is how big guys play! They use automated software to make money. And now you have opportunity to try it yourself... Can you afford to miss it?

It Supports Many Sites!
Don't get fooled by software title. YouTube Comments Poster works fine with all social sites listed below!


Monday, September 12, 2011



Value: $197

“Revolutionary System Creates Opt-In Pages, Sales Letters, Video Sales Letters and Blogs In The Most Cohesive and Easy To Use System Ever Created…
Unlike Our Competitors… Every Single Page Is 100% Google Compliant”
The Good News… Absolutely No Technical Skills Are Required
Let’s face it, writing a sales letter and building a website kind of sucks. So listen up very close. This is my first paragraph and I’m trying to see if this actually works and to check on INTRODUCTION of this new tool.
This happens to be my second paragraph much like the first but we can check to see if th writing a new paragraph works in the editor so i can see exactly how it looks to the end user when writing their sales letters. I hope it works out ok.
The Biggest Problem Most People Have Is That
They Don’t Have The Money or Skills To Create A Website

Landing Page, Squeeze Page, Minisite And Sales Page WordPress Plugin

WP Spire Plugin 
Landing Page, Squeeze Page, Minisite And Sales Page WordPress Plugin

The plugin version of WP Spire theme allows you to add a sales pages, landing pages, squeeze pages or minisites to your existing wordpress blog. It almost has all the features of the theme version except it doesn’t have theme options page. Therefore it doesn’t have the functionality mentioned in the theme options page (like front page settings, sidebar settings, etc). If you want to know what the “Theme Options” page has or does, click here.
However, you can still pretty much do a lot with it since it maintains the ability to have different sales page or squeeze page designs in one blog. You don’t have to install a special theme. Any theme will do.

All in One Monetizer WP Plugin

All in One Monetizer 
WP Plugin

Revealed! New Hot Wordpress Plugin Monetize Your Blog Posts, Pages and Sidebar For Instant Commission.

Transform your Wordpress site to cash machine with this new plugin that squeeze commission out of your blog
Check out how this amazing plugin work, watch the video below:

All in One Monitizer is an easy-to-use and highly customizable Wordpress plugin that help you monetize your Wordpress post, pages and sidebar with PPC and affiliate products and make you quick commission. It allows you to display products from the well-known affiliate programs and merchants such as:
Google Adsense
Commission Junction

You can now promote wide range of products from thousands of merchants across the world for instant commission just by using this plugin to simply transform your Wordpress blog to cash machine.
Converting your blog traffic to instant commission machine made easy
This plugin helps to earn money from your blog in such a way that is reader-friendly. It providesgood monetization options for bloggers who want to displays affiliates products on their Wordpress site and retain 100% right to manage where these affiliates products appear on their blog, therefore you keep a happy balance, focus on relevance and make sure that you're not overloading your blog with too many ads.
It makes advertising on your blog less intrusive to your regular readers. You can easily displayhigh-converting products ads or affiliate products of your choice, linked with your affiliate link anywhere on your blog post, page or sidebar.

Optimize Press V1.36 - Pro Internet Marketing Tools

Optimize Press V1.36 
Pro Internet Marketing Tools
OptimizePress is a revolutionary new WordPress Theme that gives you the power to create killer squeeze pages, sales letters, one-time offer pages, launch pages and much more, all through a simple point and click interface.
You don’t need to be a technical genius, and you certainly don’t need a graphics degree to create amazing looking and high converting pages with OptimizePress. We have literally leveled the playing field when it comes to Internet Marketing page creation tools, there is nothing on the market which is even half as powerful as this theme.

Here Are Just Some of The Amazing Features of OptimizePress…

SEO Generator V3.1 - Joomla SEO Plugin

SEO Generator V3.1 - Joomla SEO Plugin

This native Joomla 1.5 plugin automatically generates keywords and description for each article by pulling text from the title and/or the content to help with SEO. It also gives you the ability to set different title configurations, robots meta tags and google webmaster verification keys.
Joomla provides a great system for including metadata keywords and description on articles. When editing an article there is a spot on the right hand side of the page to edit the keywords and description (it’s under “Metadata Information”). This information is used to provide the <meta> tags for the page and to connect pages using the standard Related Articles module that comes with Joomla.

But what if you don’t want to have to think up and type in keywords and description every time? Wouldn’t it be nice if the related articles plugin could just always work on the full text of articles? That’s what this plugin solves. Whenever you create or save an article, this plugin automatically fills in keywords and description for you.

All In One SEO Pack - Pro Version

All In One SEO Pack - Pro Version

All in One SEO Pack - Pro Version is streamlined for some best practices for WordPress SEO. While it gives you many options the defaults reflect the settings I recommend using.

Friday, September 9, 2011

Adult Video Script v5 FULL Working

Adult Video Script v5 FULL Working
New AdultWatch Theme!

Start Your Own Adult Video Sharing Website
Features large rotating thumbnails, a new css web 2.0 design, completely multilingual, and lots more.

Use our proven secure, powerful, flexible and reliable adult video script, coded in PHP and AJAX.

Create your own very profitale adult video websites using AdultWatch today!

AdultWatch support multiple languages! Easy language file system!

AdultWatch version 5 FULL Working Script Start Your Own PornHub Like Site Today & Make Money Tomorrow! Porn is very lucrative so if you know SEO + how to get traffic you can make a lot of $$ with this Script

Thursday, September 8, 2011

Create Your Own Proxy Server Using Google App Engine And Python

Proxy Madness BETA – Google Proxy Leecher/Checker

Proxy Madness BETA – Google Proxy Leecher/Checker

All you need to do is insert a beginning query which can be a proxy or term like “free proxy lists”. After that, it does all the work leeching on and on and on until you decide you have enough proxies. After that, you can test them




Proxyfire is a powerful proxy server hunter and checker, which can not only support HTTP, SOCKS4, SOCKS5, Tunnel, SSL SMTP(E-Mail)proxies checking, but also classifythem into SOCKS proxy,High Anonymous proxy,Anonymous proxy,Transparent proxy and Gateway proxy.It’s a strong and multifunctional tool, including Forums Proxy Leecher, Search Engines Proxy Leecher, Proxy Scan, IP to Country Query, Proxy Filter, RBL Filter, Dangerous IP Filter, Hostname Filter etc.You can get thousands of fresh proxies per day by using Proxyfire.

Support Anonymity, SSL/Https, SMTP/EMail, Gateway, Socks4/5, Dangerous IP Test
Support SMTP/EMAIL proxy Test
Support Port, Country, dangerous IP, Duplicate Filter
Support Planetlab/CoDeeN proxies Filter
Support RBL, hostname Filter
Support different type of forums leeching(support LOGIN)
Support non-forum proxy sites
Support different search engines leeching
Support SYN scanning
Support SYN scanning before checking
Support IP to Country lookup
Support Leech proxies from FILE, URL, FTP, EMAIL(pop3)
Support proxies port connecting Test
Max check threads: unlimited
Max forum leech threads: unlimited
Max topic leech threads: unlimited
Max search threads: 10

Send Blaster 2 - Corporate Version

Send Blaster 2 - Corporate Version

Sending mailing, newsletters, promotions or invitation?
SendBlaster is the best e-mail marketing software for managing your mailing list.
Discover the free solution or the cost effective one, a pay just one time package to easily manage your email marketing using a desktop software.

XGenSEO Latest - Full Working

XGenSEO Latest - Full Working

How to gain a top 10 ranking on Google, Yahoo! and Bing? 

Ask any SEO expert, and they will tell you that achieving a top ranking on Google is 10% on-page optimization (the content on your pages) and 90% off-page optimization (mainly link building). However, link building is one of the most challenging and time consuming tasks you will face. Now, with the completion of Google’s new web indexing system called Caffeine, the SEO game has changed once again (please refer to Google’s original blog here for more details). 

Why XGen SEO™ Social Marketing?

XGen SEO™ Social Marketing Software is a new innovative Next Generation SEO and Social Marketing Software. It combines both SEO Link Building and Social Media Marketing techniques to help you build 1000’s of quality links from social networking sites with a few button clicks, which in turn will boost your web site to the top 10 ranking on Google, Yahoo! and Bing. At the same time, it will also help you drive 100’s of direct quality visitors to your web sites from social media sites.

Using social media websites such as Facebook, Twitter, WordPress, Blogger, Digg, Delicious and a whole host of other sites is a very popular, and easy way of gaining a top ranking on Google by leveraging off of the authority of these sites. 

This is how it works: Google loves and trusts these sites because new content is added every day through lots of human interaction. By submitting your content to those social networking sites and having it mentioned on these sites, it creates a “like” or “vote” for your website being trustworthy and reputable to Google. Google will recognize those “likes” or “votes” and push your web site higher.

Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Free De-ionCube deZender Public (PHP5 Decompiler)

Free De-ionCube deZender Public 
(PHP5 Decompiler)

Decodeby.US deZender Public (PHP5 Decompiler)

Version :
Author : Ps2Gamer & Cyko
Release on : 30.05.2011
Official site :



* Windows 7
* Windows 2008
* Windows XP


Hello Engines Professional 6.7.6 (Full)

Achieve a Top 10 ranking for your website in search engines: The SEO software for successful website optimization.
Hello Engines! SEO-Software

* Find all technical problems in your website!
* Detect the strengths and weaknesses of your website!
* Get all suggestions for improvement at a glance!
* Find the problems which interfere with your success in Google & Co.
* Submit your website to search engines and get links to your website. Thus, you'll make your website well-known and more relevant for your target groups.
* All problems can be corrected in the program itself. You no longer need further programs from third parties (as for example HTML editors or FTP clients).
* Correct your website online, directly on the server or locally on your disk.

A Collection of Text Styles

A Collection of Text Styles

A Collection of Text Styles
27 PSD | 26 ASL | 590 x 1758 | 122.17 MB

SEO Suite Corporate

SEO Suite Corporate

SEO Suite Corporate Edition v8.0.59 | 8,08 Mb

SEO Suite is an All-In-One SEO Software combines More Than 25 SEO Tools in one SEO Suite to Boost Your Web Site to the Top 10.
Are you looking for a high level Internet Marketing Tool/Search Engine Optimization (SEO Software) that will save you Time, Money and most of all achieve for you a Higher Search Engine Ranking for Google, Yahoo! and MSN?
SEO Suite is a high level SEO (Search Engine Optimization) Management Software which contains more than 25 SEO tools to assist you in optimizing your or your clients’ website to achieve a higher search engine ranking. It includes Web Site Optimizer, Search Engine Submitter, Link Building Tools and Reporting Tools.

General Features
Optimize Your Website with SEO Suite
- Find the right keywords
- Analyse and get suggestions to Improve Website Optimization
- Add New Optimized Pages to Your Website
- Modify the Meta Tags to be Keyword Enriched

Promote your website to the Search Engines
- Submit Websites and Pages directly to the Search Engines & Directories

Acquire Your Website Link Popularity and Reputation
- Find out if your Site and Pages are indexed by the Search Engines
- Analyse the Link Popularity of Your Site and Competitors
- Increasing your Page Rank and Link Reputation through Link Analysis
- Improve your Customer Visibility through Relevant Directory Submissions & Partner Requests
- Submit Articles to Popular ezines – build rapport as experts in your industry

Additional Tools SEO Suite Offers You
- Tools to help easily improve your website optimization

Analyse & Monitor your Website Rankings and Visitors for Higher Conversion with SEO Suite™
- Examine Your Site Rankings on the Search Engine
- Analyse the Page Rank & Link Popularity of your Site
- Monitor and Track the Submission of your Site to the Search Engine and Directories
- Improve ROI and Website Monitoring – Site Statistics Tool

Setup a Search Engine Optimization Project Management system with SEOSuite
- Provide SEO Services with systematic Management tools.

ThemeForest WordPress HUD v2.0

ThemeForest WordPress HUD v2.0

ThemeForest WordPress HUD v2.0 | 51.79 Mb


The ideal portfolio or product showcase theme, WordPress HUD let’s you choose the exact colors, patterns, or background images you want!

- NEW ! WordPress 3.0 menu
- NEW ! Full screen image background
- FREE version upgrade if you purchased this theme
- Featured posts slideshow with 9 effects
- Slideout menu and widget bar
- jQuery animations and effects
- Super easy admin panel (see screenshots)
- Easy thumbnail images with auto-scaling – no custom fields!
- Promote your social network!
- Tooltips – just add a class “tooltip” to links to create your own!
- Built-in contact and login form
- Typewriter text effect (optional)

YooTheme Quantum v1.0.6 WordPress Theme

YooTheme Quantum v1.0.6 WordPress Theme

Welcome Quantum, our second Warp6 theme release! This new theme design comes with two style variations: A fancy dark version which uses bright colors combined with nice glow effects. And a more light version with subtle colors which fits perfect for business sites.

- Comments, tag cloud and author box styles are now available
- Renamed author box CSS class
- Renamed comments list CSS class

125 Business Card templates

125 Business Card templates

125 PSD + FONTS | rar 127.2MB

Monday, September 5, 2011

The New E-Commerce Script

The New E-Commerce Script

- Category,
- manufacturer,
- price and attribute filters
- Manufacturers management
- Product properties,
- modifiers and variations

- Product special price
- Percent,
- fixed price and fixed amount discounts
- Combined discounts

- Onestep checkout page
- Guest checkout
- Customer order comments
- Pdf invoices,
- slips and labels
- Email notifications

- Unlimited customer groups
- Whishlist
- Orders history
- Address book

- Filter payment methods by order total,
- billing address and shipping method
- 6 methods are supports out of the box

- Filter allowed shipping methods by shipping address,
- order subtotal and payment method
- 9 methods are supported out of the box

Locations and Taxes
- Unlimited currencies
- Unlimited languages
- Tax rates per geozone and customer group

- Unique url for every language
- Meta tags management
- Xml sitemap

Backend office
- Ajax EXTJS powered interfaces
- Unlimited admin users and roles
- WYSIWYG editor
- Content management system
- Multiple sites management
- GoogleBase items management
- Search queries and pageviews reports
- Contacts inbox management
- Products csv import/export
- Powerful frontend design controls:
- Group boxes into tabs
- Hide/show boxes on specific pages
- Set sort order of the boxes on specific pages
- Set output container of the box on specific pages
- Product listing boxes allows to customize the listing properties

- Easy to add additional functionality with custom modules
- Easy theme customization
- Fully customizable homepage from backend
- Tag cloud
- Polls
- Sitemap
- Cms pages with comments support
- Search with Lucene engine
- Currency chooser
- Language chooser
- Breadcrumbs
- Contact Us page

Build On :
Most popular web programming language
- ExtJs
Cross-browser javascript library for rich web apps.
- Zend Framework
PHP framework for Web 2.0 applications & web services
- jQuery
jQuery is a fast and concise javascript Library for rapid web development
The worlds most popular open source database

ForumBOT – Xrumer Alternative

ForumBOT – Xrumer Alternative

* Auto Captcha Solving
* Multi Instancing – 10 X FASTER
* One click registration, email confirmation, profile updates AND Message Posting
* Proxy Support
* Decaptcher integration
* Advanced Spinnable URLS and Signatures

IgniteSEO v.2.5 Cracked

IgniteSEO v.2.5 Cracked

IgniteSEO is a state of the art promotion & analysis tool for Internet Marketers & SEO Professionals. It’s designed to increase the amount of targeted traffic a website receives, thus generating more sales and profit.

This is achieved by increasing search engine rank through automated link-building, and increasing direct traffic by posting link-bearing messages to related blogs and forums.

Raise search engine rank through automated link building

Get more relevant visitors through better search engine placement

Make more sales!

Scrape Search Engine Results

Auto Register & Post Links

Automated Scripting

Confirm Email Activation Links

Analyze Competitor Backlinks

SEO Factors Analysis

SEO Report Generator

Search Engine Rank Tracking

Keyword Research

Search Engine Simulator & Web Crawler

Network Graphing

Content Generator & Spinner

OCR Captcha Breaking (in development)

Training Mode

There’s no shortage of automated link building tools around, and you may have seen other examples before. However, IgniteSEO is different from all the others, for 2 reasons:

Flexibility – IgniteSEO features the most versatile link-building technology available today. It pioneers a smart posting engine designed to be compatible with as many blogging and forum platforms as possible. The program comes ready to post to more platform types than any other link-building tool. The Ignite engine takes a broader approach to the problem of automated posting on multiple platforms. You do not need to specify which platform you are posting to, as the same general process is used each time. If you find a new platform, it is possible that Ignite can already deal with it. If not, most platforms can be cracked in training mode.

Link Quality – Because it can post links to platforms beyond the reach of other link-building tools, IgniteSEO will diversify your backlink profile in a way no other link-building tool can. Check out the huge supported platforms list to find out more.

SERPScraper 2 Cracked

SERPScraper 2 Cracked

Scrapes Url's from ALL Search Engines Fast!
Ideal for tools like Xrumer, Autopligg, Wordpressautomator and many more that need feeding target urls.
  • Black Hat`s can find linkspam targets
  • Domainers can trim to root level
  • SEO`s can find PR rich link partners
  • Sellers Can find affiliate partners
This search engine scraping tool is perfect for harvesting lists of url`s from multiple search engines for use with your link spamming tools such as "powered by pligg" , "powered by vbulletin" or "powered by wordpress".
The quality and size of your url lists ripped with serpscraper will give you a distinct advantage over your competitiors..

Scrapes Url’s from ALL Search Engines Fast!
Ideal for tools like Xrumer, Autopligg, WordPressautomator and many more that need feeding target urls.

- Black Hat`s can find linkspam targets
- Domainers can trim to root level
- SEO`s can find PR rich link partners
- Sellers Can find affiliate partners
This search engine scraping tool is perfect for harvesting lists of url`s from multiple search engines for use with your link spamming tools such as “powered by pligg” , “powered by vbulletin” or “powered by wordpress”.
The quality and size of your url lists ripped with serpscraper will give you a distinct advantage over your competitiors..

Prestige v1.4 Updated – Ultimate WordPress Theme

ThemeForest Premium

Prestige v1.4 Updated  
Ultimate WordPress Theme

Prestige is an unique and advanced WordPress theme. It comes with a big pack of various skins, shortcodes, widgets and fonts. Thanks to massive CMS options panel you can fully customize this theme to your needs. Prestige is the ultimate package with functional and powerful features.

Premium Template Press 25 Theme Pack

Premium Template Press 25 Theme 


Wp Premium Templates
Attache - Cafe Element - CafePress-v1.0 - Launch - massive news - Office Space - OnDemand - Outline - Photographic - placeholder.. -  Recapture -  Relay -  Round About  - Seven Five - Side Blog - Social Life - Tapp Jobs - tvelement - Urban Elements  - Video Elements  -  Video Flick  -  Video3  -  Vidley - Work Place...

Friday, September 2, 2011

UBot Studio Cracked 3.00086 + Videos Tutorials

UBot Studio Cracked 3.00086 + 6 Videos Tutorials - Learning

UBot Studio lets you easily make software bots to automate virtually any browser operation. Inbuilt support for proxy flipping, CAPTCHA outsourcing and bot compiling mean that your bots can run on autopilot – 24 hours a day & 7 days a week.

You don’t need programming skills to create powerful bots with UBot Studio. Visual Scripting Language (VSL) and a “Drag & Drop” Interface enable you to turn your ideas into bots with little effort.
UBot Studio’s extensive function-library gives you total control over every aspect of your bots. Develop solutions customized for your exact needs – yes, the days of “one size fits all” generic software are truly and thankfully over.
UBot Studio is easy to learn and gets things done. No need to spend time learning complex programming languages – UBot Studio does it all for you so you focus on “The Big Picture”.

IP Gallery v3.2.2 - For Your IP Board

IP Gallery v3.2.2 - For Your IP Board 

IP Gallery is an integrated gallery addon for your IP Board community. IP Gallery makes it easy for your members to share and find photos and media that's of interest to your community. It's an addon for IP Board, so it's fully integrated into the environment your members are used to. 

What's New In IP Gallery

SEOUrl - Easy Search-Engine-Friendly URLs

SEOUrl - Easy Search-Engine-Friendly URLs

This tiny, lightweight PHP class helps you painlessly implement Search-Engine-Friendly URLs to your web application, service or blog, by allowing your URLs to be descriptive without losing functionality. Implementation is minimal, and you can add it to your own code in a couple of lines.

SEOUrl is a single file, and does not require any modifications to server or PHP configuration files. 

Rapidleech PlugMod v5

Rapidleech PlugMod v5

Exchange links with ScriptMafia Nulled Blog

scriptmafia nulled blog