Sunday, July 31, 2011

The Scrapebox Master Guide "Underground"

The Scrapebox  Master Guide "Underground"

Start Seeing What Other Scrapebox Users Are Failing to Notice! Your Chance To Scrapebox Mastery!

So what am I getting again...

Scrapebox Master Guide (Fully Illustrated)
  • Planning and executing an "advanced Scrapebox run"

  • Optimization and tuning of Scrapebox

  • Commenting, URL structures, Footprints and how to make it all work

  • Avoiding the Sandbox

  • High-quality backlinking

  • And of course a WHOLE LOT on backlinking (advanced and unorthodox) techniques including:

  • 30k+ backlinks without a single comment

  • Using Ping Mode

  • Making Google absolutely LOVE your backlinks

  • Stealing the backlinks of your competitors

  • And much, much more!

  • Lifetime access to our exclusive members area see what we've added in the past couple of days
  • Additional Scrapebox resources

  • Mini-Reports (these are case studies explaining going deep into certain Scrapebox concepts)

  • Comprehensive video guides (expanding upon the methods described in the book as well as introducing new, cutting edge, money making, Scrapebox techniques)

  • Using Scrapebox in addition to other software (Bookmarking demon, forum commenters, SENuke, etc.)

  • Additional, completely FREE, tools and software

  • Let us remind you that you will enjoy LIFETIME access to the "members area", which is updated on a regular basis! Absolutely new, cutting edge, traffic generating Scrapebox techniques (explained through video guides, mini-reports or mini-guides) are added frequently.
    Lifetime access to our Private Forum
  • Automation Scripts See what we've added in the past couple of days

  • Become part of a passionate community (trade techniques, secrets and other Scrapebox resources)

  • Join the discussion (thought provoking topics on anything from footprints to advanced Scrapebox techniques)

  • Seek our personal help when you are stuck with something! (Interact with us or our members and ask for some guidance)

  • Additional, daily updated, FREE, tools, scripts and resources!

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