Thursday, October 20, 2011

Backlink Bulldog Software (WSO)

Backlink Bulldog Software (WSO)

Listen... Content is King. Search engines absolutely love content. It is their "basic” reason for existence.But they also REALLY love Back Links and you will need BOTH in order for your website to succeed.

Having the greatest site on the Internet will not get you traffic or sales. You need backlinks and in all reality you will not get many (if any at all) if you do not work for them. Quality back links to your site give you instant credibility and also improves 

PR – PageRank A-N-D 
SERP - Search Engine Result Page.

There are Masses of Internet Web Directories, and normally, most will be more than happy to include your site, and do it for FREE. They can be located all over the internet.

But, submitting to them is a very monotonous process and you must do it hour after hour, day after day, week after week, month after month... to experience any reasonable, measurable results. so it could take many months just to acquire 50 to 100 links to your site, if you continue to do it by hand. 

What Do Fellow Warriors Have to say about Back Link Bulldog? 
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Great piece of software. 


A Power Tool
Designed To Help A
Website 'Jump' Up The
Search Engine Rankings!

The software I am making Public; “Backlink Bulldog” can submit your websites automatically to phpLD directories. which are the most popular web directory platforms on the internet today.

Just enter your website info – (Titles, Descriptions, Link, Email) click the GO button and the program will automatically do the submissions for you. 
Don’t bother yourself spending a lot of time and effort promoting your website the hard way.Time is valuable – you will have more times to spend on more projects. Decide yourself if 2-3 projects per day compared to 8 – 10 projects per day will make a difference. Automation is very important – more money can be made per day working the same amount of time.

With Backlink Bulldog you will be able to 
simply get more done, and make more money...period!I have put a lot of effort in this tool so this program does not screw up the submissions process and make the process look as 'natural" as possible.



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