Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Facebook Offline Arsenal - Bank $2400 for 2.5hrs work[1900+ SOLD]. Former WSO of the Day, 80+ reviews inside!

Facebook Offline Arsenal  
Bank $2400 for 2.5hrs work[1900+ SOLD]. Former WSO 
of the Day, 80+ reviews inside!

Martin here. Some of you may have seen my products here on the Warrior Forum already. I have been killing it with Facebook for a while now and after something that happened to me a few months ago and the changes with Facebook, I thought the time was right to share what I know and create the KING of all Facebook packages.

I was thinking about getting into the offline stuff when I had a few quick ideas about how to create Facebook stuff for businesses in my town. I quickly put it into action and headed off down the street to see how I got on. I had no appointments – nothing. I spoke to 2 business owners, showed them some stuff and ended up $2400 better off. The work involved took me literally, 2.5 hours. Since then I have served over 50 clients and can’t take on any more as I’m too busy. In this package I show you exactlyHOW to do it and, more importantly, give you what you NEED to do it.

Warrior "jasonthewebmaster" bought this last Friday and made $400 on Tuesday using my exact method! See below...


This ONE PACKAGE has it all...Look no further. Everything you need is right here.

So what exactly is the Facebook Offline Arsenal and what makes it different to all of the other FacebookWSO’s out there? First off, this is totally unique and BRAND NEW. I have built this to be based completely on the new Facebook iframe fan page system. I show you how to set everything up using the latest Facebook settings. After March 11th, practically ALL the existing products for Facebook will be totally obsolete. Now is the perfect time to prepare so you are ready for the switchover. I provide you with the tools, the training and the techniques you need to make a killing with Facebook.

The Facebook Offline Arsenal is a huge package of templates, coaching videos, tutorials, promotional materials, turn-key business fan page and some special bonuses. In this package I combine the power of Facebook with the easy money to be made in Offline marketing.

Here's exactly what you get
  • 20 fan page templates for businesses common to any town (10 of these have a video version and an optin version so 40 templates if you count these!)
  • 2 different types of template: 'graphics rich' or 'clean & sharp'
  • All designed for the NEW Facebook Fan Page system. All of your old templates are obsolete after March 11th
  • 5 module Offline Coaching Course with over 90 minutes of video with me telling you EXACTLY how to set yourself up to work with offline clients and a case study of EXACTLY how Iearned $2400 for 2.5 hours work
  • I tell you exactly how to sell these templates and how to make CLIENTS beg you to sell to them
  • Over 1 hour of technical tutorials showing you how to set up fan pages using the new system, how to edit the templates, how to edit the graphics, how to install them + everything else you can think of!
  • A 45 minute Fan Page MASTERCLASS. Watch LIVE as I take a fan page from a blank page through to being live in Facebook. EVERY step is covered and I explain all the steps in my process. This could be a WSO on it’s own – learn from someone who is out there doing this for a living.
  • The icing on the cake: I have designed a cutting edge fan page template for the new iframe system which you can use for your new Fan Page business. You don’t need to edit anything other than your name and email if you don’t want to. It is pre-loaded with a gallery of the templates, marketing copy, graphics and a facebook marketing video
  • A set of Facebook flyers that you can print out and use to get leads in your local area
  • A “Benefits of Facebook” powerpoint presentation that you can use to present to clients and get more business
  • A 40+ page report and guide on Facebook that you can hand to a client to answer their every question on Facebook and why they need a fan page. Let this guide do the selling for you
Why struggle to get a fan page business up and running? I provide a COMPLETE business in this WSO. Just follow the instructions and you are up and running.
If you want to learn step-by-step from a facebook expert and gain a complete, ready-to-go business that has put $1000’s into my pocket, you can get it for free download here

Value: $27


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