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Elite Niche Marketing

Elite Niche Marketing


Introduction - Training overview

Contents of the whole system

Module 1 - Powerful Money-Making Keyword Research (Length 17mins 09s)

 Micro Niche Finder (This tool will save you so much time!)

How to easily find sizzling hot products to promote that you can offer to a starving crowd (THE best way to make real money online is promoting products which people are already buying!)
The Hidden keyword research strategies which most niche marketers won't even dare tell you about!

Module 2 - Powerful Money-Making Keyword Research Pt. 2 (Length 15min 28s)

How to use various FREE methods to find profitable keywords!
How to analyze your competition even on a shoestring budget! (very important niche marketing skill)

Module 3 - The Perfect Newbie's Guide to Domain Names and Web Hosting (Length 5mins 28s)

The "Elite Niche Marketer" method to buying domain names (very important for search engine rankings)!
How to get inexpensive deals for web hosting and get set up with your domains the easy way!

Module 4 - The Perfect Newbie's Guide to Wordpress (Length 6mins 58s)

How to easily set up Wordpress on your domains with blazing fast speed!
All the dynamic plugins you can use to rank number 1 in Google with less effort than ever before!

Module 5 - The Perfect Newbie's Guide to Wordpress Pt. 2 (Length 18mins 40s)

9 of the best kept tips and tricks on turning your niche websites into positive cash flow generators!

Module 6 - Getting High Click Through Rates and Big Affiliate Commissions (Length 22mins 11s)

My secret method to creating affiliates links which will get the highest click through rates and generate awesome commissions (never let money slip through your fingers again!)
How to find and take advantage of the hottest affiliate programs on the internet!

Module 7 - Making Google Absolutely Love You

(Length 15mins 18s)

6 simple steps to force Google to recognize your website and get it indexed as fast as possible!
How to set up easy tracking of your stats with Google (very important in finding out what's working for you!)

Module 8 - Elite Search Engine Domination

(Length 27mins 53s)
How to DOMINATE your niches in the search engines... Get your niche websites flooded with tons of targeted traffic... And make real money with your computer on a consistent monthly basis!
A list of all the best places on the internet to build all the backlinks you'll ever need for your money-making niche websites!
(Note: This module alone can be enough for you to apply it towards methods in the offline niche!)

Exclusive Bonus Module

Module 9 - Tools To Automate The Process (Length 58mins 49s)

How to use BIG MIKEs Incansoft tools.
How to use DirecotryBot effectively. (Length 12mins 45s)
How to use ArticleBot effectively. (Length 18mins 37s)
How to use SocialBot effectively. (Length 14mins 01s)
How to use RSSBOT effectively. (Length 13mins 26s)
Outsourcing tips and how to take your business to the next level.
DirecotryBot Download
ArticleBot Download
SocialBot Download
RSSBot Download
Backlink List and Pinglist

Latest Video Adressing:

Micro Niche Finder 4.1.3
Adding further keywords to site
Creating banners
Website maintainance

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