Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Scrapebox-1.14.16 (Full) [3.9GB]

Do you need More Money, More Time, More Links, More Data

Scrapebox-1.14.16 (Full) [3.9GB]
The Complete Harvesting Solution!

Multiple, Rotating Proxies!

No more being blocked, for too many automated queries or IP bans!

Multiple, Rotating Proxies!

URL Collection, List Management! -_- Ping Mode, Send Referrers and Hits! -_- Auto Comment to Wordpress, Movable Type and BlogEngine! -_- Built in Proxy Verifier! -_- Powerful RSS Submissions! -_- Mass Trackback Poster

General Notes

This release works by running scrapebox in a VM with a ripped license.
The license is dead because BHN didn't realise that scrapebox is a clever piece of kit - it
will detect a fake server and use the auxiliary backup. They all used a live license until 
they got banned. They still can't get 1.14.16 to work, but you can :), follow the 
instructions below. If for some intense reason you prefer an older version, I included it 
too. All the bragging about how l33t they are cause they managed to license a VM has been
left in for its comedy value. Visit to their forums is a serious mental prolapse risk.



1. Unrar
2. Edit your Ethernet Card or Wireless Adapter and manually set a static IP address.
3. After you manually set your IP address under TCP/IP V4, click the advanced button, 
   under IP addresses, click the Add... button and add following IP Addresses: Subnet Mask: Subnet Mask:
4. Go into server dir and double-click, it should display an empty black window.
5. Run VM image, when asked whether it was copied or moved, select moved.
6. Run scrapebox, do not close the server window.

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