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Xrumer-Pack 1.00 Installation Worked & Full Pack Link Lists (Total 630MB unzipped)-[177MB on Host Files]

Xrumer-Pack 1.00 Installation Worked  & Full Pack Link Lists (Total 630MB unzipped)-[177MB on Host Files]

Xrumer-Pack v.1.00 (Xrumer v.3.0, 4.0, 5.0 nulled) + Denwer3 + BHN VIP link lists + BHN asssorted lists 
+ 43 autoapproveblogs + 51351 profiles + Multi LinksList id + big categories list + RapidIndexer.txt .....

630MB unzipped and 177MB rar Files on hosting 

XRumer - the program in automatic mode, where your announcement on the forums, guest books, bulletin announcements, and link directories (as well as blogs and wiki). One word - autosubmitter.

Version: 3, 4, 5 Build 1.00
Developer: Botmaster
Bit depth: 32bit +64 bit
Compatibility with Vista: complete

I'm sorry for not able to respond immediately
XRumer is more difficult to hack it but we managed to do, and it works well
but it is not easy
this XRumer 1.0.0 running at 100%, and there is no virus Antivirus detects only about some hack like viruses
I'll try to post a full tutorial to help intallation
this vertion of XRumer still works on my PC
One that preceded it in my post earlier was used in 2010
Please also look in youtube tutorials until I post mine, or someone will.
thank you
I wish you every succees.
Compatible with Windows 7: complete
Language: English Russian
Tablet: Is present
System requirements:
Cpu 800Mhz
Ram 512Mb
HDD 210Mb
Fixed Denwer3 (is complete).
Size: 126 Mb

Here are the key specifications and features:
# Ability to work in a multithreaded
# The program is able when necessary to register online (if it is necessary to create a new message) and fill with all the required fields. After registration, the program automatically generates login to the site and places your text and / or link
# Powerful built-in search engine and check proxies. This ensures your anonymity and eliminates the ban on the forums on IP. Possible use as a HTTP-and SOCKS-proxy.
# The program can work with a lot of different types of forums and guestbooks: phpBB and PHP-Nuke any modifications, yaBB, VBulletin, Invision Power Board, IconBoard, UltimateBB, exBB, phorum.org, wiki, livejournal.com, AkoBook, various kinds of boards advertisements as well as "samopisnymi" engines
# WARNING: the exclusive opportunity - the program bypasses any kind of protection from automatic registration and autosubmit! Such as:
- Protection by piktokoda (tickets) type "Enter the number you see." More ...
- Protection by means of activation by e-mail. More ...
- Protection by means of some Java-scripts. More ...
- Version 4.0 also introduced the possibility of detection of protection in the form of arithmetic and logical questions
# In the process of mailing automatically generates a detailed report with exact links to the posted announcements and you can check for each link.
# Integrated System "FAQ"
# There are variations of the system, which can be used to make sure that from 10000 placed announcements there was no similar, but the meaning remained the same. This helps to make a significant scatter on the key demands (SEO) and exclude filtering search engines the same options
# If the administrator has several sections, the program selects the most appropriate topic, but if this is not - then in the offtopic, flame, etc., if there are none then the most visited section.
# There is a possibility to use and edit the BB-Code
# Includes tools for processing database index: removing repeated links, sorted by descending order of attendance, the removal of black-list, various filters
# The program will inform about new versions
# It is possible to use plug-ins (plugins). At this point, the set includes plug-ins AutoDating (Mamba + Loveplanet) and SocPlugin (Odnoklassniki + VKontakte)
# Integrated scheduling system, the system self-learning, post-editing, Mass-PM, and much, much more
# The unique system of "Spam" allows you to produce thematic "humane" list on forums, in accordance with their subjects

The system is fully autonomous and requires minimal skills: simply select the appropriate database links (angoloyazychnuyu or Russian), type text messages with a reference or references and all.



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