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AllSubmitter - Directory Submission Software

AllSubmitter - Directory Submission Software

The Allsubmitter Automated Submissions
Want to increase your search engine visibility and rankings? Then you need a very good search engine optimisation strategy and planning. But the major concern is the implementation part, once you chart out your strategy, hiring people for getting on page, off page, marketing, mailing, social media networking etc. can cost you high in numbers. So, an alternative to this is the semi and fully automated software that can do all kind of submission work for your online business. One of the best-automated submission programs is the “Allsubmitter”.

What are the different types of Submissions that exist? 
There are primarily three types of submissions that exist. Fully manual, semi automatic and fully automatic.
Fully Manual submission: You need to fill in the forms fields available on your browser manually by copying and pasting the data. There are no apparent advantages to this type but is generally time consuming and prone to mistakes. Since, this is a manual process, Allsubmitter does not have any role to play.
Semi Automatic Submission: This form of submission is quicker and easier than the manual process, as there are programs which helps you in filling up the entire of parts of the form in an efficient manner. Its advantages are that it is quick and easy to implement and the quality of the work is better. The only limitation here is that the program itself has to fill in the forms as required. AllSubmitter can submit in semi automatic mode in all websites, using it smart submission technology.
Using the smart submission technology, the program can give you 100% quality assurance and control over submission. The “smart submission” fills in and submits the form automatically. It can also determine the data from the previously saved form and continue from there.
It lists the confirmation message of the submissions by adding this information to the catalogue and moves to the next one. It also searches for the choices of categories (that you may have fed) in the form and if it doesn't find the choice, it will stop.
Automatic Submission: You can reply completely on the program and have rest while it performs the desired task of form submission. It is extremely quick and quality intensive but has a single disadvantage in the form that it cannot be applied to all websites, as it cannot work properly with Ajax forms and JavaScript protections. Allsubmitter is also very efficient in this kind of submission.
If the forms do not conform to semi automatic submission standards, the automatic submission will ask you to make a decision to achieve the maximum effect by asking you to select a category by using “exact match” and “not exact match”.
Where all can Allsubmitter be used:
Not just helping you with automated directory submission, but this program also helps to increase your website’s visibility and improve rankings in different ways as it performs the following tasks for you:
Article submission: It can submit your articles to about 600 article sites with good page rank and reputed article submission sites.
Bulletin boards: To participate in popular message board hosting service is a great way to network your site and your site links. Allsubmitter finds relevant bulletin boards for your website and submits automatically to them.
Selected link directory submission: Only selected link directories, relevant to your website’s theme are chosen for the directory submission by Allsubmitter. And within minutes your website information is submitted to hundreds of directories that are sure to accept your link.
Universal submission: This software can submit your site to almost any kind of website.
Automated form submission: Websites that require you to fill forms often take a lot of your time. Allsubmitter can do it for you in fraction of seconds.
Account registration: The program can be used to submit information on a single website more than once.
Email verification sites submission: This program also helps to submit to websites that require email verification for proceeding with the submission process.
Automate working with captchas using service: Captchas are automatically identified by this program and so can submit your site's info to sites that require filling captchas for the submission process.
Working with base and categories:
AllSubmitter program provides numerous possibilities of working with bases. You can hide fields to simplify your view, change orders of outputs of fields by dragging and rearranging them and even build filters of any complexity. You can also build quick filters by using symbols such as %, _, - or any such symbols which are very convenient when you do a search on the base. There is an option of sorting as well, which can be used to sort by one or more than one field. To sort by one field, you just need to click the field name while to sort by several fields, you can use shift + click on the respective fields. If you wish to cancel any sorting selection, you can simply use ctrl + click on the respective fields. The Allsubmitter program add, edit, delete categories or sub categories to create a variety of levels.

Creating and Selling Bases:
AllSubmitter program gives you an additional advantage from other competitors as you can quickly create databases for fully automatic and semi automatic registrations through verification database. This can prove to be an unique opportunity for you to sell the base to other users with archive catalogues and article sites.

Submission report through mail:
Allsubmitter program helps in the processing of all registration letters and keeping them on your project. After the submissions, the catalogues ask to confirm the submissions by reading the mail and clicking the link. Though, this is very cumbersome, Allsubmitter helps in automatising this process by scanning all the mails and letters and get hold of the available links and click on them automatically.

Submission report:
Similar to submission report through mail, Allsubmitter program helps in the creation of a submission report by selecting a few necessary fields and exporting as HTML format. The submission report can be generated in both semi automatic and automatic submissions and can be divided into 6 groups: left, successfully, later, failed, in process and submission report.
With the Allsubmitter automatic submission program, you can perform the work done by a team of 4-5 SEO experts, without the need to hire even a single person and in just a few minutes. So, what are you still thinking about? There is no other better program available online that offers you all these features or more. There are thousands of delighted website owners around the globe who have chosen Allsubmitter for their automated submission work and found it to be the best. So, are you the next one?


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