Friday, September 2, 2011

Sharecash Clone V 1.3 UPDATED on 12 July 2011 + XenForo v1.0.4

Sharecash Clone V 1.3 UPDATED 
on July 2011 + XenForo v1.0.4

Please follow the steps below to install the site.

1) Extract the zip file and put the extracted files in the web root.
2) Make includes/db_inc.php writeable (chmod 0777)
3) Make uploads/user_files writeable (chmod 0777)
4) Make /tmp folder writable (chmod 0777)
5) Make /images folder writable (chmod 0777)
6) Make /cgi-bin/ executable (chmod 0755)
6) Make installer/filecash.sql readable (chmod 0644, it's there by default)
7) Make the following changes in .htaccess file:
change the "" to your site name
8) Make the following changes in the /uploader/ubr_ini.php file:
change the $TEMP_DIR value to the tmp directory of your website
9) If your site in under any folder for e.g abc, then following changes needs to be done in cgi-bin/ file
Change the my $TEMP_DIR value to $ENV{'DOCUMENT_ROOT'}.'/abc/tmp/' and so on..

10 If the perl directory is not /usr/bin/perl then, change the value in the first line of cgi-bin/ file to the perl directory

11) Browse the web address of the site. If you see the that the ioncube loader is not installed, go to siteroot/loader/ and follow the instructions to install ioncube.
12) After the ioncube loader is installed, please go to the siteroot/installer/ to start the install.
13) Enter correct information for host name, database name, user name and password, after creating the database.
14) After you submit the form, you should be able to visit the site. If you provided any wrong information related to host name and database credentials, please delete contents of /includes/db_inc.php and start the installer again.
15) After the installation is complete, please don't forget to make db_inc readable only (chmod 0644)
16) To access admin, follow the link sitename/manager/.
Username: admin
Password: admin
17) If you get a bug when trying to upload a file to the server this should fix it;

check uploader/ubr_ini.php look for $_INI['debug_finished'] = 1; which is near the bottom of the page *change the 1 to a 0


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