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Optimize Press V1.36 - Pro Internet Marketing Tools

Optimize Press V1.36 
Pro Internet Marketing Tools
OptimizePress is a revolutionary new WordPress Theme that gives you the power to create killer squeeze pages, sales letters, one-time offer pages, launch pages and much more, all through a simple point and click interface.
You don’t need to be a technical genius, and you certainly don’t need a graphics degree to create amazing looking and high converting pages with OptimizePress. We have literally leveled the playing field when it comes to Internet Marketing page creation tools, there is nothing on the market which is even half as powerful as this theme.

Here Are Just Some of The Amazing Features of OptimizePress…

Create Killer Squeeze Pages That Build Your List Fast

Starting to build an email list is one of the most crucial steps you can take to launching a successful internet marketing business.

Using a squeeze page has been proven to be the most effective way to build your list. The process is simple, you create a piece of “lead magnet” content, such as a pdf report, video or video series, mind map, or anything that is valuable to your audience, and offer it for free in exchange for your prospects name and email address.

Squeeze pages make this process simple and have one main focus – to get the name and email of your prospect and get them on your list. With OptimizePress, we have a range different squeeze page templates you can choose from and customize. Every one of these has been optimized for maximum results, meaning you can be sure you’re already using a proven system and you can skyrocket your results right from the start!

10 Built In Squeeze Page Designs

No design work to coding knowledge necessary. OptimizePress features a wide range of templates so you can find a design perfect for your project, and all our designs are tested and conversion optimized.

Integrate With Your Autoresponder Fast

With our unique autoresponder integration system, you just copy the HTML embed code from your autoresponder provider, paste it into the input box inside OptimizePress, choose a button style and you’re done!

Add Your Headlines, Text and Bullets in Seconds

Using our step by step page builder, you can simply fill out the boxes for any of the elements you want on your page, and our system will make them all look awesome – no more fiddling with code or design

Build Sales Letters, Bonus Pages, One-Time Offer Pages & More

If you’ve ever tried to create a good looking sales letter in the past, you’ll know that just trying to format your content to look good can be a nightmare in itself.

OptimizePress takes the pain out of creating sales letters and offer pages that are based on proven & tested designs, so you can give your pages a boost before you even start writing your sales copy!

As well as making it super easy to format your page content with our built in Shortcodes, you can also use the design elements and templates to create great looking headers for your pages with ease. Simply choose from the range of 20 different color schemes, upload the cover of your choice, and add your Header text. Next you can choose the font (from a choice of 5) which is rendered beautifully with smooth edges, so your header looks great without even needing a designer!

Customize Your Sales Copy With Our Shortcode System

Never before has it been so easy to create high converting sales pages that look great too. Easily drop in testimonial boxes, order boxes, buttons, headlines and more with just a couple of clicks.

Add Video To Your Pages In Seconds…

OptimizePress makes adding video to your pages a breeze. You can use your own video hosted at Amazon S3 or on your server, or use our built in fields for embedding videos from youtube or services like Easy Video Player or EZS3

Delayed Call To Action Buttons

If you’re using video as part of your sales process (and you really should be) then sometimes having an order button showing straight away can be distracting. Use our system to show the button only when you are ready to boost conversions.

Create Powerful Product Launches & Funnels

Doing a product launch is one of the best ways to gain massive exposure for your products in a short time, and generate 5,6 or even 7 figure paydays for your business.

Product launches can be hard to plan and even harder to execute, so take some of the pressure off by using the OptimizePress launch system to build a sequence of launch pages which will enhance response to your content.

You can also combine the launch features with the squeeze page features so you have the complete system for collecting emails and then delivering your pre-launch content, and then sell your product with a great looking sales letter

Gateway Launch System

This unique system remembers if your visitor has opted in to your funnel, and if they come back to your site they won’t be shown your squeeze page again. This also protects your launch content from new visitors, who will be directed to your squeeze page on their first visit (builds your list faster!)

Create Perpetual Launches

With our powerful launch system, you can setup your products so that they are ‘always launching’. This means every new visitor is taken through your funnel like they are going through a real live launch, which can massively boost conversions.

Create Timed/One-Off Launches

You can use OptimizePress to conduct full-scale product launches. You can set your pages to “go live” on the times and dates of your choosing, so your launch process almost becomes hands-off, and with our social sharing systems, traffic to your pages should grow on autopilot

Facebook Comments & Sharing

With over 500 million people now using Facebook around the world, it makes sense to utilize their comments and sharing systems, to make your pages go viral. We make it super simple to integrate facebook comments to any of your launch pages in just a few clicks.

Social Sharing Built-in

Leverage the power of Facebook and Twitter to give your visitors the opportunity to share your content easily and quickly with their friends and audiences. All you have to do is create great launch content and you’ll see your launch traffic go viral!

Customize Your Launch Pages

You can use the full power of OptimizePress to customize your launch pages, easily add video, style your content with shortcodes, add great looking headlines and even delayed order buttons! Our system makes it easy to have your pages looking great and converting fast!

Build Awesome Membership Sites

Delivering content in an easy to follow format is critical to your success. OptimizePress allows to create awesome looking membership sites on the backend of your sales process. Simply plug-in your preferred membership script that integrates with WordPress, and you’ll be up and running in under an hour.

Integrates with Popular Membership Scripts

We want to give you complete flexibility – so you can use your preferred membership script with OptimizePress to secure your content. We have tested our templates with Nanacast, Wishlist Member and Digital Access Pass, and have training showing you exactly how to integrate these systems with OptimizePress.

Completely Customize The Look

Customize your navbar colors, content thumbnails, and more, or use our default styles that will still leave your pages looking awesome

Add Downloadable Content & more

OptimizePress makes it easy for you to add links to your downloads, with our custom download content shortcodes. You can even add nifty icons next to your downloads for PDFs, Videos and more.

Super Simple Integration With Your Autoresponder

OptimizePress has been designed to make everything super easy. This includes integrating with your chosen autoresponder, which can usually be a real pain. Simply copy and paste the main form code your autoresponder provider gives you into OptimizePress, and our system will do the rest, including integrating the form with our custom styled input boxes and your optin button!

Revolutionary New iPad & iPhone Support!
Get More Optins and More Buyers from Mobile Platforms!

With more and more people now using mobile devices to access your websites and content, it’s more important than ever to ensure your sites work on these platforms.

We have developed a unique system which ensures your videos will play on iPad and iPhones (you will need to upload a video encoded in the right format) – meaning more people can enjoy your sites and this means more people on your list and more people buying your products!

Build Your Sites On WordPress And Maximise SEO

We all know that Google loves wordpress sites, so building your sites with the OptimizePress system gives your sales letters, squeeze pages and more the benefit of ranking fast.

Combine that with our built in SEO features and you’ve got a ready made system that builds pages that look great and get ranked too!

You can also use your favourite WordPress plugins to add even more functionality to your sites – OptimizePress does not limit you so you really have the flexibility to do what you want with your sites!

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