Monday, September 12, 2011

All in One Monetizer WP Plugin

All in One Monetizer 
WP Plugin

Revealed! New Hot Wordpress Plugin Monetize Your Blog Posts, Pages and Sidebar For Instant Commission.

Transform your Wordpress site to cash machine with this new plugin that squeeze commission out of your blog
Check out how this amazing plugin work, watch the video below:

All in One Monitizer is an easy-to-use and highly customizable Wordpress plugin that help you monetize your Wordpress post, pages and sidebar with PPC and affiliate products and make you quick commission. It allows you to display products from the well-known affiliate programs and merchants such as:
Google Adsense
Commission Junction

You can now promote wide range of products from thousands of merchants across the world for instant commission just by using this plugin to simply transform your Wordpress blog to cash machine.
Converting your blog traffic to instant commission machine made easy
This plugin helps to earn money from your blog in such a way that is reader-friendly. It providesgood monetization options for bloggers who want to displays affiliates products on their Wordpress site and retain 100% right to manage where these affiliates products appear on their blog, therefore you keep a happy balance, focus on relevance and make sure that you're not overloading your blog with too many ads.
It makes advertising on your blog less intrusive to your regular readers. You can easily displayhigh-converting products ads or affiliate products of your choice, linked with your affiliate link anywhere on your blog post, page or sidebar.

How it works:
Download and install “All In One Monetizer on your Wordpress site
Configure the All In One Monetizer setting page with your affiliate IDs
Add your desire affiliate platforms/products to your posts, pages and sidebar
Earn instant commission on every sale and cool income from PPC
So simple and extremely efficient…
All In One Monetizer grabs and integrates the best quality products from top affiliate platforms and compel your visitors to check them out, making you constant generous income from your blog.
You have an excellent shot of making enough money from your blog to cover all your living expenses by using this amazing plugin. 
Check out some of the unique features you are yet to discover that make All In One Monetizer stands out: 
Grab products that will not only bring you results, but help you to optimize your online income from credible affiliate merchants.
Display products based on specified keywords. You can easily set and change keywords for any affiliate platform at anytime.
You set the number of products to display for each affiliate merchants.
You can display targeted advertisements anywhere on your blog posts, page and sidebar.
Decide where and which affiliate program is displayed on your blog posts, page and sidebar.
It integrates displayed advertisements with your affiliate links or publisher ID.
You can easily customize and place your ads at hotspot positions on your blog in order to improve performance and click-through rate
Simple set-up and configuration options through the Wordpress administration panels. 
And much more...
Your blog is money…
Blogging is big business these days, with some bloggers reporting six-figure or even million-dollar incomes because of the opportunities which are available for ordinary people like you and me to make money from websites and blogs
All In One Monetizer provides you with multiple streams of income sources regardless what niche you are targeting.
If you are serious about turning your blog into a cash-generating machine, this plugin offers a lucrative option for monetizing blog your traffic and make your online business become more profitable even if you are a newbie blogger. 
It is a great tool for bloggers who want to take a more passive role in the monetization of their blogs.


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